The edge you need to succeed!!

Know exactly what the interviewer wants to hear and how to include that in your answer.

It's no secret the job market's competitive.

Far to often we hear of great candidates settling for a career they dread, simply because they can't cut through the competition during the interview.

We hear things like:

"My resume is great, I have more experience than 90% of the competition but never get the job offer."

"I go into the interview feeling prepared but never make the cut."

"I've been interviewing for years, I feel prepared but I can't get a break."

"There is always one question that throws the whole thing off."

After talking with hundreds of candidates in this position we realized one main problem, they simply don't know how to highlight and sell themselves in the interview.
They allow the interviewer to dictate the entire interview because they don't know how to include their top selling points in their answers.

The TopScore Interview System shifts some of the power back to your side of the table by teaching you how to sell yourself for the position and include your top traits no matter what questions your asked.

Candidates who use TopScore stand out among the competition and cut years off of the job search.

We now offer both firefighter specific and general interview coaching. Learn more about how to take your interview to the next level by reviewing the courses below.